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Our immediate goal is to promote wellness by helping you feel better — and fast. After we reach that benchmark, our Brooklyn chiropractor works toward promoting your wellness in general. In doing so, we will ideally open you up to health education to live “well.” We are your answer to great chiropractic health and through Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare have the tools you need to gain even more knowledge, independence and the ability to maintain health and happiness.

If you’ve ever heard the cliché that knowledge is power, you might have simply heard the words without really feeling their impact. We are confident that when you emerge from the comprehensive, individualized care and education at our Brooklyn health center, you will feel empowered by the knowledge you possess of not only your medical concerns in this region, but the issues you personally have or are likely to face.

What Does It Mean To Live Well

Though dedicated to natural means of healing and maintaining well-being and wellness, we also recognize the efficacy of standard medical care. We work to maintain a healthy balance between therapy and therapist, never neglecting the complete picture — the sustained wellness of our patients and of the greater Brooklyn population. But how is “wellness” actually defined? What constitutes “wellness” and in today’s medical age, what does it truly mean to “be well?”

We healthcare professionals endlessly debate the merits and compromises of wellness care against traditional forms of Western medicine. For instance, wellness care relies on the body’s own systems for maintaining balance and restoring health, whereas standard medical care employs chemicals and procedures foreign to the body. This is to say that, while all forms of medicine have their proper place, at Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare it is common practice to rely on the body’s tendency to heal itself in the proper conditions. It can be said that our goal is a lofty one, but no matter what it takes, we are committed to promoting wellness throughout Brooklyn and the area to the very best of our abilities.

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