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When I first met Dr. Skorski, I suffered from severe headaches, low back problems, and sleeping problems. Just getting out of bed was a big problem for me every day — the pain was unbearable. However, within two months of getting treated, my symptoms went away and I was sleeping great again.

Liliya L.

I had severe allergies to grass, trees and pollen. My eyes would get all swollen, teary and I would sneeze for hours when I was around these allergens. Dr Skorski worked on me with Chiropractic adjustments and a special holistic treatment called ASERT. Now I can cut my own grass and enjoy the outdoors without any bad reactions. It’s like I never had allergies.

– Joe P.

On my initial visit to Dr. Skorski, I was suffering from frequent stiffness of the neck. I also had limited movement in my left shoulder. In addition to that, I had a tingling sensation going down my right arm. Now, all those symptoms have disappeared, and I feel physically and emotionally energized.

Serge V.

Before I started treatment with Dr. Skorski, I was suffering with severe pain in my left shoulder every day for a month. It was so bad that I couldn’t even drive. I would also get Strep Throat about four times a year. After a few months of treatment, the pain in my shoulder was no longer there. Also, I have not had another episode of Strep Throat.

– Natalie R.

For years, stomach problems were a big issue for me. I have had indigestion, acid reflux and abdominal pain for as long as I can remember. Dr. Skorski said I had a misalignment in my spine that was also causing the pain I had in my back. After a few adjustments, not only did my back pain go away, but all of my stomach issues were gone as well. Thank you.

– Jim J.

I had lower back pain but with a few months of treatment, the condition disappeared. I also had a terrible pain in my shoulder, which sent pangs of numbness through my right arm. That pain made it difficult for me, as a teacher, to write on the board. Dr. Skorski diagnosed the problem correctly and through treatment, my health issues have disappeared.

– Gabe P.

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