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Spinal Screening

The goal of a spinal screening is to assess the 96 spinal joints and the range of motion in neighboring areas such as spine, shoulders, and neck. Not many people know that their comprehensive health depends on the proper alignment and motion of the spine. Without the normal range of motion in your spine, your lifestyle and the health of your whole body could be in danger. Why take such a risk with your health? If you feel any pain in or around your spine, inquire about a spinal screening.

Remember, the spine is often the part of our bodies we take for granted the most. It is not difficult to ignore spinal pain. It may seem like the regular aches and pains related to the daily stress of a moderately active lifestyle. However, the instant our spinal alignment is irregular, it impacts the health of the entire body.

A spinal screening can detect any early indicators of spinal pain. Muscle pain, misalignment, improper posture, and the loss of skin sensation are some of these indicators. If these indicators are not treated, or even worse, if they are never identified by our team of spinal screening professionals, spinal conditions could get much worse.

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