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In preparation to becoming your Brooklyn chiropractor, Dr. Carey Skorski, DC graduated from the prestigious Life University in Marietta, Georgia in March of 1996 at the top of his class. Since then, he has made it his life’s purpose to help others regain optimal health through Brooklyn chiropractic care and holistic wellness. Dr. Skorski is certified both in the Brimhall Technique and NET. He is a volunteer for The Foundation for Wellness Professionals which is a nonprofit organization in existence for over fifteen years with thousands of nationwide volunteers who provide disease prevention programs.

Dr. Carey Skorski has been successfully changing people’s lives for the better with his holistic approach of his Brooklyn practice, Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare. Says Dr. Skorski, “My family and I live the ‘chiropractic lifestyle.’ We keep our spines and nerve systems healthy with chiropractic adjustments, stay active, eat good nutritional foods, and strive to keep an emotional and spiritual balance. I also make time to work out at least three times a week.”

Together, with the help of Dr. Carey Skorski, DC and Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare, you can live the healthy life of your dreams.

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Why Choose Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare?

At a very young age, Dr. Carey Skorski decided to become a veterinarian. His love for animals was apparent to everyone when, on many occasions, young Carey Skorski would waltz into the house with a smile and a stray animal under his arm.

At the age of six, he started karate and at the age of sixteen, he received his first black belt. One day during training, shortly after receiving his black belt, he was running a couple of miles when suddenly he experienced a sharp and severe pain in his back between the shoulder blades. He also experienced severe shortness of breath — something similar to an asthma attack — and had to stop training.

After some time of living with this pain and breathing problem, his karate instructor suggested he see her chiropractor. He did and that very day, Dr. Carey Skorski realized his true calling. After his very first adjustment, he stood up and felt immediate relief. While walking out of the doctor’s office he felt as if a big weight had been lifted off his shoulders and felt like he was walking on air.

“Chiropractic completely changed my life and it has given me the knowledge and tools to help so many people,” says Dr. Carey Skorski, DC. Chiropractic had, indeed, restored Dr. Skorski’s health back to normal. Today, Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare continues this legacy by helping the people of New York similarly regain their good health.