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Pain relief and complete wellness with chiropractic care. Our techniques are effective with proven success.

Spinal Screening

Spinal screenings can detect early signs of spinal pain. We assess the spinal joints & your range of motion.


Dr. Skorski promotes full-body wellness and offers advice to help you improve your health & feel your best.

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We are your primary source of healthcare in Bay Ridge Brooklyn without the use of drugs or surgery.

Bay Ridge Chiropractor

Dr. Carey Skorski strives to help as many families as possible to reach their optimal health through a natural, holistic approach to healing. Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare’s dedication to excellence has earned them a reputation as the premier chiropractic practice in Bay Ridge Brooklyn and surrounding areas.
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Chiropractic Services

Where Healing Takes Place

At Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare our immediate goal is to promote wellness by helping you feel better — and fast. With our holistic approach, Dr. Carey Skorski and the team have been successfully fulfilling this goal for years. We offer corrective chiropractic care and wellness to all ages and we look forward to getting you started with our services and on the road to optimal health!


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What others are saying about us…

When I first met Dr. Skorski, I suffered from severe headaches, low back problems, and sleeping problems. Just getting out of bed was a big problem for me every day — the pain was unbearable. However, within two months of getting treated, my symptoms went away and I was sleeping great again.
Liliya L.
On my initial visit to Dr. Skorski, I was suffering from frequent stiffness of the neck. I also had limited movement in my left shoulder. In addition to that, I had a tingling sensation going down my right arm. Now, all those symptoms have disappeared, and I feel physically and emotionally energized.
Serge V.

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