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Today is Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bay Ridge Chiropractor – Serving Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas

Our purpose, as your Bay Ridge Brooklyn chiropractor, is to help as many families as possible to reach their optimal health through a natural, holistic approach to healing. We believe structural nerve interference is the number one threat to your health and that Brooklyn chiropractic care is the best means of restoring proper alignment and normal movement to the spine. Science now recognizes this as one of the most important factors in our overall health due to its impact on the nervous system! Therefore, all of our new patients are checked by our Brooklyn chiropractor for subluxation, which is a condition referred to as structural nerve interference. This nerve interference, in turn, causes malfunction of the body and poor health.

Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare offers a comprehensive and detailed examination to check for subluxation. Tests include advanced digital x-rays, computerized surface electromyography, digital range-of-motion testing, weight scale balance evaluation, arm and leg length analysis, and more. In addition to checking for subluxation, our Brooklyn chiropractic clinic believes that there are five other forms of interference that lead to poor health. We check every patient for toxicity, emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, electromagnetic pollution, and infective organisms. Your body has the innate ability to heal itself and stay healthy. The problem with individuals who have poor health is that their innate healing power was interfered with. Our goal, as your Brooklyn chiropractor, is to remove all of these interferences and allow your body to reach its maximum healing ability.

Learn More About Dr. Carey Skorski

In preparation to becoming your Brooklyn chiropractor, Dr. Carey Skorski, DC graduated from the prestigious Life University in Marietta, Georgia in March of 1996 at the top of his class. Since then, he has made it his life’s purpose to help others regain optimal health through Brooklyn chiropractic care and holistic wellness. Dr. Skorski is certified both in the Brimhall Technique and NET. Read More

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Looking for a Quality Chiropractor in Brooklyn?

Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare invites you to experience our approach to holistic wellness. Our office is conveniently located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn at 9201 4th Avenue. Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by our professional and friendly staff who will take your Brooklyn chiropractic health seriously. Soon after completing the required paperwork, you will be guided through a very informative office tour by a Brooklyn chiropractor. Following this tour, your evaluation and detailed examination will begin.

Brooklyn chiropractic long-term health begins with each individual patient’s commitment to scheduling visits with our Bay Ridge chiropractor and to implementing the ideas suggested by Dr. Skorski and his highly trained staff. We look forward to getting you started on our unique service offerings and on the road to optimal health!

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